Monthly Meeting Announcement

Our monthly meeting will be on Wednesday the 6th at 7:30. Please check in a little early as there will much to discuss. The meeting will start at 7:30. I have invited a highly respected guest to give a report on the results of the National Convention.

Three Executive Committees are on our priority list. There are several others as well that are required for us to become a major player in the political arena.
Number one priority is increasing, building our membership! I have to believe there are literally millions of people just waiting for us to inform them we exist, inform them of our principles, inform them that we will hold ourselves to a higher standard than any other political party. People are waiting for us to introduce them to the Constitution Party. So, let’s introduce them.

The second Executive Committee is one which will work to gain Ballot Access. This is a long term project. There are several items that need to be put in place before we gain Ballot Access. It’s not just getting 50,000 votes in the Governor race. There is more to it. You didn’t really think they would make it easy now did ya!

The third Executive Committee is one which recruits and trains members to run for office with the Constitution Party of New York. This is critical. The only real way to change to political landscape is to be in the political arena. We need people to run and be elected to office. This is the only way to exact the change we need to become a Constitutional Republic again. We need men and women that will actually vote on the laws to ensure our Constitution is adhered to. We need this kind of change. Remember,”If things don’t change , they remain the same.”

There are many more important Executive Committee’s that need to be Chaired. Things like fundraising, County development, CPONY merchandising, State Convention and many more.
If you have any skills you would like to share to help the party move forward please respond to this email
As members in good standing make every effort to attend the monthly meeting.
Yours in Freedom, William Wilday

Chairman’s Notes: Membership

Chairman’s Notes: Membership

There are ongoing attempts of requesting info from Members in Good Standing, to add to our (MIGS) list. Routinely; information can become outdated, and thus: we are actively engaged with updating it for 2020. The names on this list are the only ones I have available and must be considered MIGS.

    If you feel that you are a MIGS but may not be on our list please email me with proof  of payment for the full year of 2020. If you do not have proof of payment but feel you are a MIGS then please contact Susan for the information and have her forward to me. It is extremely important we have the most accurate list available. I need everyone to help update our list ASAP. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our membership.



    Fortunately, if there is an inadequate record of your membership you may re-submit your application with our Low Introductory $20.00 annual fee. Thats right; for a limited time, at this price: you can retain voting privilage at all our meetings! Come and help shape our party’s success.

  We welcome you to join our grand adventure, as we forage our way through the political jungles of New York, and attempt to tame it with a common sense approach towards Constitutional, Law Abiding Governance. Would you consider joining today? Together we will forge a new future for our state and nation! Your participation is the only rational solution to the problems we face in this state, and we’re looking forward to meeting you and hearing your suggestions!

Click on the link and fill out the areas indicated, Thanks!

Again, I do apologize.

                                                               William D. Wilday, Acting Chairman


Here in the Constitution Party, we believe in: Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity. We call it; …..

The “Three Pillars”

of the Constitution  Party

Are you tired of dishonesty in politics?
Or; having your rights stripped by elected officials of other parties? Have you concluded that they will never improve the economy in the long run? Our Three Pillars;
  Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity are the solution!
Since 1992, Constitutionists like you; have found a their new home, in the Constitution PartyOne; Of Only Five (5) National F.E.C. recognized parties existing!
This is your source to go, if you are sick and tired of the “status quo” from the corrupted 2 party system of Failed Government. Now is the time to gather together and make a stand, for change to happen. Your voice matters, and it’s time you let it be heard!

Pillar One – INTEGRITY

We are committed to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government.

Do you laugh when you hear a politician say that they are a person of honesty and integrity?

Do you disbelieve just about every promise that political candidates make when running for office?

Do you think that this is the proper relationship between the people and their elected officials?

The Constitution Party solemnly makes this promise to you:

We will hold all our party officers and leaders strictly accountable for their conduct. They will be held to the highest ethical standards in dealing with the public, donors, government officials, and candidates. Corrupt candidates come from corrupt parties. Honest and honorable candidates can only come from a party that insists that all its leaders have the same characteristics.

When interviewing potential candidates, a history and reputation of their character, integrity, and commitment to honesty will be just as important as their commitment to Constitution Party principles.

We will only be seeking candidates that accept and recognize that all elected officials are Public Servants. We are seeking Representatives, not Rulers.

Most importantly, Constitution Party candidates will be strongly encouraged to sign a contract with the voters that lists the campaign promises that they will guarantee to accomplish while in office or face consequences.

WHY A CONTRACT? When you deal with businesses and people that you do not know, the contract is the instrument that we use to ensure that both parties will keep their promises. Our politicians have shown that they cannot be trusted with their promises and we are not going to ask you to trust us. We will EARN IT by signing a contract that specifically lists the promises that our candidate makes and requires them to keep them.

The Constitution of the United States is a contract between the government and the people. Why should candidates be exempted from a contract?

Pillar Two – LIBERTY

We feel that: “Government is the most ineffective, inefficient, and most expensive way to get anything done.” As such, we are offering innovative and effective non-government solutions to the country’s social spending issues.

Are you tired of government spending trillions of dollars on social issues and the problem seems to be getting worse?

Do you think that we should SOLVE the issues of poverty, hunger, and homelessness instead of just FUNDING them?

Do you feel that most of the money that is taken from you for social spending is just ending up in the pockets of government bureaucrats and organizations that donate heavily to politicians?

The Constitution Party boldly declares to America that:

The Federal Government should only be involved in government roles as outlined in the Constitution. The best government is local government.

As a society, we should be solving social spending issues via non-government organizations that want to SOLVE the problem, not just FUND the problem. We should seek out those organizations that have the best solutions.

The solution is to slowly and responsibly transition America from ineffective government programs to effective non-government institutions. Our solution will ensure that recipients of current government programs are still cared for but allows for more effective solutions to be implemented.

The solution is not to simply cut funding and abandon those that need our help. Instead, we need to responsibly ensure that we fulfill our social responsibilities to take care of those in need. We also need to work on SOLVING the problems and coming up with innovative programs that will help restore American families to being productive citizens that are self-sufficient and able to pursue the happiness that America offers to all.


Pillar Three – PROSPERITY

We want to create the greatest economy for the U.S. that the world has ever seen. We will do so by restoring True Capitalist (vice Crony Capitalist) principles to our economic policies.

Are you aware that over 50% of all small businesses will fail within 3 years and that only 33% of all businesses can make it to 10 years?

Does that sound like a country of prosperity and opportunity to you?

Did you know that government involvement in business is listed as one of the largest factors for these failures?

Did you know that Small Businesses make up 99.7% of the businesses in the United States yet share a higher tax burden than the large corporations that make up the 0.3%?


The Constitution Party believes:

That Small Businesses, not large corporations, are the key to a healthy economy.

That True Capitalism is achieved by allowing strong competition among companies. In order to have the best pricing, the best products, and the best services, you need to ensure that every company has an even playing field and can fairly compete for our business.

That job creation comes from business creation and growth. Removal of restrictive government regulation, fees, and taxes combined with responsible trade agreements with foreign governments will ensure massive business and job growth.

It is both dangerous and illogical to think that we can have a sustainable economy without having manufacturing in our country. We need to start producing the products that we use if we want jobs and economic security.


Our candidates will:

Work at the federal, state, and (most importantly) at the local level to remove the strangling grip of government taxes, fees, unneeded regulations, and intrusion.

Restore True Capitalist laws and regulations which promote competition, job creation, clean manufacturing, new technologies, and WEALTH.