Consider joining us today ….

I encourage you to join us in our endeavor to bring back Constitutional Law Abiding Governance to our corrupted state management system of Unconstitutional Governance.

One day; I hope we can truly look back and say to ourselves;

wow, I can’t believe how bad things were back then” …. and because of it being directly the result of all the hard work you & I, put into changing things for the better! Yes indeed; we view you as a valuable DIRECT partner in this patriotic cause!

Have any further questions? Just ask. We are here to answer them all, no matter how brilliant, or foolish you may think them to be.

Please consider becoming a member of our party today and donate to the cause that we all believe in.


Become a Registered voter, or change party registration; go to . Click on your county and follow the prompts to download to registration form. Fill out the form. When you get to “I wish to enroll in a political party” go to “other” and put in the Constitution Party of New York.

VERY IMPORTANT: take a snap shot of that part of the form and send it to We will put that in the record as a bonifide member in good standing. You will receive in the mail your confirmation from the Board of Elections of your decision to change parties. Please send a copy to the above address for our records.

If you have any trouble down loading the registration form just contact me and I will send you one immediately. I have plenty here.