Constitutionist Candidates & Campaigns

On This Page; You Will Find Information And Resources About Those Who Are Willing To ‘Fight The Good Fight’ And Run For Public Office, Against The Offenders Responsible For Corrupting Our Constitutional Republic.

We’re forming an Executive Committee, which shall recruit and train members to run for officewith the Constitution Party of New York. If you want to help with this training, volunteer for a campaign, or actually run for office yourself; then Please Contact Us Right Away!

This is critical.

The only real way to change the political landscape is to be in the political arena. We need Patriotic Men & Women that will run and be elected to office in order to vote on laws that ensure our Constitution is adhered to. This is the only way to exact the change we need, to become a Constitutional Republic again.

It’s imperative to Remember; …. ” If things don’t change, they remain the same. ”