Constitution Party of New York

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

     It’s well into December, & as I sit here looking through the window at the snow falling, I reflect upon how great of a year it was, for the Constitution Party of New York. We have many good things happening, such as; several new enthusiastic members, that are taking on and performing important duties. We have an online membership application, letters to the editors of local newspapers being written, new publicly displayed banners for local fairs, parades, etc. We are working on a CPofNY store, found on our new website and we have expanded upon our social media with an updated state party facebook page and from there; you can find multiple associated county party groups too! 

  The Constitution Party of New York has moved forward this past year in our membership expansion & shall continue that forward momentum throughout 2020. Already; we are seeking plans to field new candidates at the local office level, where it counts most, and set up special committees to address the issues that matter most to you, right in your own community! We invite you to partner with us and become a volunteer, or even a voting committee member, and if possible; donate to the cause, which will help us have a truly successful ‘Banner Year’ in 2020!   

  We value you, as an individual & Patriotic American, and look forward to hearing from you, on what you feel is of a concern to address within your community, and across the state. The Constitution Party of New York is here to serve your needs!

 William D Wilday   


Chairman’s Notes December 2nd

  1. Thank you to the members that attend the conference call. These are important for the membership to bring up ideas and let their voices be heard. Thank you.
  2. We are in the process of developing a CPOFNY store. We have two items you may order. The CPOFNY shirt is really great. This is a quality shirt for $25.00 with the CP emblem. I have two and you will not be disappointed.
    The CP hat for $14.00 is available also. Need help contact me or Susan.
    Thank you Mario for putting this together.
  3. The membership drive is still on the way. The member that recruits the most new members by December 31 gets a hand painted, one of a kind Constitution Party emblem . Second and third will receive a CP shirt.
    Go for it ! You can do it.
  4. Mark and Mario are working on an online membership application. Should be up soon.

Yours Truly
Chairman William Wilday

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season,
Yours Truly
Chairman William Wilday