Chairman’s Notes: Membership March 19 2020

Chairman’s Notes: Membership                      March 19,2020

    This is a very important revised message about your membership.

According to the bylaws of the Constitution Party of New York a member in good standing not only must submit a payment of $20.00 annual membership dues but also submit proof of party enrollment.

To enroll or change party enrollment go to . Click on your county and follow the prompts to download to registration form. Fill out the form. When you get to “I wish to enroll in a political party” go to “other” and put in the Constitution Party of New York.

VERY IMPORTANT: take a snap shot of that part of the form and send it to We will put that in the record as a bonifide member in good standing. You will receive in the mail your confirmation from the Board of Elections of your decision to change parties. Please send a copy to the above address for our records.

If you have any trouble down loading the registration form just contact me and I will send you one immediately. I have plenty here.

Please try your best to have everything in by March 31.

Admittedly this has not been done in the past as it should have been. For this I do apologize and will work to correct this error.

If there are any questions please email me and we will work together to solve them.   

                                    Yours in Freedom,

                                     Chairman Wilday

Chairman’s Notes: Helping Our Communities March 26, 2020

Chairman’s Notes: Helping Our Communities March 26, 2020

Greetings everyone!

1) As I sit here, it came to me that the Constitution Party of New York should be doing something to help our communities cope with this Corona19 virus situation. I would like to focus on ways to help our communities during this crisis on the monthly meeting call. My question of the membership is; What can we do as a party to help our communities? What fundraisers would be appropriate and doable? Who would benefit most from our efforts? I have a nice banner here if anyone needs it. I will send it ASAP. If possible; I may travel to an event you host, to help in any way I can. Please send comments and/or ideas to Thank you.

2) As of this writing I have not received one membership update. As in previous notes our bylaws require the members in good standing must submit a $20.00 annual membership dues and a confirmation of party registration from the NYS Voter Registration form. Our bylaws do not support any other means of membership qualification at this time. If you need help with this please contact me at the above email.

Yours in freedom, William Wilday, Chairmen