Chairman’s Notes: Membership March 19 2020

Chairman’s Notes: Membership                      March 19,2020

    This is a very important revised message about your membership.

According to the bylaws of the Constitution Party of New York a member in good standing not only must submit a payment of $20.00 annual membership dues but also submit proof of party enrollment.

To enroll or change party enrollment go to . Click on your county and follow the prompts to download to registration form. Fill out the form. When you get to “I wish to enroll in a political party” go to “other” and put in the Constitution Party of New York.

VERY IMPORTANT: take a snap shot of that part of the form and send it to We will put that in the record as a bonifide member in good standing. You will receive in the mail your confirmation from the Board of Elections of your decision to change parties. Please send a copy to the above address for our records.

If you have any trouble down loading the registration form just contact me and I will send you one immediately. I have plenty here.

Please try your best to have everything in by March 31.

Admittedly this has not been done in the past as it should have been. For this I do apologize and will work to correct this error.

If there are any questions please email me and we will work together to solve them.   

                                    Yours in Freedom,

                                     Chairman Wilday

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