Monthly Newsletter August 2021

Monthly Newsletter August 2021

Wow, it’s August already! Can time be really flying by this fast?
This month’s newsletter will be about the Constitution Party itself. The goal is to educate you about why the Constitution Party is the finest party on the planet. A political party that stands by its convictions. A political party of integrity, liberty, and prosperity. A political party you should belong to.  
No matter what I say here, please do not take my word for it. The best thing you can do for yourself is to research the party. Take some time and visit the national website at Here, you will find a plethora of information. Things like the Platform and adopted resolutions, recent blogs from outstanding leaders, Constitution Party elected members throughout the country, state and regional chairman, and much, much more. Do not take my word for it, do some research!
What is the Party Strategy?
The Constitution Party’s strategy is to build our state and local organizations by actively seeking members at the local level. We believe that “all politics is local” which is why we need local activists to work with us to promote the Constitution Party. We have sound ideas, a sound platform, and a sound message to become the preferred national political party.  
Our political party, as with any building, is only as strong as its foundation, we can only prevail if it is organized effectively with a grassroots foundation.  
What Does the Constitution Party Stand For?

  • · I am going to list a truly short list of what the Constitution Party stands for. I encourage you to visit the national website to read the 27 basic platform subjects and the several amendments to the platform.  
  • · Ensuring the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  • · Returning to Limited Constitutional Government
  • · Securing our Boarders and Enforcing Immigration Laws, with No Amnesty Under any Guise!
  • · Maintaining a Strong National Defense

  • · Promoting Pro-Family Policies
  • · Restoring Control over Elections to State and Local Authorities
  • · Protecting the Unalienable Right to Life for All, including the Unborn, the Elderly, and the Infirm

Don’t We Already Have a Conservative Party?
Taxing and Spending: Republicans and Democrats continue to expand the power, size, and cost of government. There is no time when a Republican or Democrat Administration seriously wanted or even tried to reduce the deficit! Today we are already TRILLIONS in debt and there is no sign of reducing spending or debt. Neither party is genuinely interested smaller government because neither party believes in Constitutional government. They promise smaller government, but their promises mean nothing.
Right to Life: The Republican platform purports to be pro-life, however, the GOP supports and funds candidates that support even the most awful forms of abortion! In 2017, Gallup polling information showed that 42% of Republicans support legal abortion during the first trimester. Thirty six percent of Republicans identified as “pro-choice” and 70% agreed that abortion should be legal in some (56%) or all (14%) circumstances.  Source: wikipedia
Please visit our national platform to read our Right to Life platform.
Education: The Department of Education has NO constitutional authority to even exist, yet both parties continue to drastically increase their budget. As always with Federal funding there are strings attached. The Federal government has consistently eroded education control from the state and local level. Some examples are the “no child left behind” program and the Common Core Curriculum. Now, more recently, the CRT curriculum or Critical Race Theory.
Please visit our national platform to read the Education platform.
Immigration: Democrats and Republicans have failed to fulfill their constitutional duty to guard and protect our boarders. By failing to act and follow our immigration laws they have passively allowed millions of illegal immigrants to cross our boarder. This will and has caused a severe strain on the welfare, healthcare, education, and Americans wages. This invasion of illegal immigrants is allowed by the Democrats and Republicans is unconstitutional and therefore illegal!
These are an exceedingly small portion of our platform. Please visit our national platform to read the immigration platform.
The Three Pillars: Integrity, Liberty, and Prosperity
Pillar One Integrity: We are committed to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government.
The Constitution Party solemnly makes this promise to you:

We will hold all our party officers and leaders strictly accountable for their conduct. They will be held to the highest ethical standards in dealing with the public, donors, government officials, and candidates. Corrupt candidates come from corrupt parties. Honest and honorable candidates can only come from a party that insists that all its leaders have the same characteristics.
Most importantly, Constitution Party candidates will be strongly encouraged to sign a contract with the voters that lists the campaign promises that they will guarantee to accomplish while in office or face consequences.

The Constitution of the United States is a contract between the government and the people. Why should candidates be exempted from a contract?
Pillar Two Liberty:  We feel that: “Government is the most ineffective, inefficient, and most expensive way to get anything done.” As such, we are offering innovative and effective non-government solutions to the country’s social spending issues.
The Federal Government should only be involved in government roles as outlined in the Constitution. The best government is local government.
Pillar Three ProsperityWe want to create the greatest economy for the U.S. that the world has ever seen. We will do so by restoring True Capitalist (vice Crony Capitalist) principles to our economic policies.
The Constitution Party believes:

That Small Businesses, not large corporations, are the key to a healthy economy.
That True Capitalism is achieved by allowing strong competition among companies. In order to have the best pricing, the best products, and the best services, you need to ensure that every company has an even playing field and can fairly compete for our business.
Our candidates will:
Work at the federal, state, and (most importantly) at the local level to remove the strangling grip of government taxes, fees, unneeded regulations, and intrusion.

Restore True Capitalist laws and regulations which promote competition, job creation, clean manufacturing, new technologies, and WEALTH.
The Education Station: The national website has a wonderful education station. The education station has things like “The Liberty University.”  
The Liberty Tree University was created for the Home Schooling Community to provide students of all ages with an opportunity to educate themselves and their loved ones on the Constitution and the principles of liberty. Home Front with Cynthia Davis, Join Cynthia as she discusses topics on anything from family to politics with guests. Wild Bill for America, Watch Wild Bill for America’s YouTube for info on current events. There are articles, videos, quizzes, and audios at the Education Station. All of these are well worth investing your time in.
After you read all this newsletter and do your research and you find that Socialism, Marxism or Tyranny are for you please do not go further. This party is not for you!
If, however, freedom, personal responsibility, integrity, liberty, and prosperity are for you then this is the political party to be a part of. Now is the time for you to decide to join our fight for liberty or stay on the sideline and hope others win liberty for you. Now is the time to make a difference by being part of the effort to keep our Republic strong and freedom forever!
  Please check out this you tube of Wild Bill
You may find state leadership information on the national website to request membership information for the state you are in. The membership application for New York is attached.
Much of this information was copy and pasted and/or taken verbatim from CP brochures and pamphlets.

Yours In Freedom,                                                                                        William D. Wilday   Chairman                                                                  Constitution Party of New York


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